Partner FDK :

FDK is a Japanese company created in 1950, headquarters are based in Tokyo, and composed of approximatively 6000 persons.

FDK is manufacturing several technological products: Power devices, High Frequency devices, Ferrite cores, optical devices…

Also, FDK manufactures Lithium and alkaline primary cells and, in 2010, FDK acquired SANYO Energy.

The production sites are based in Japan.

Through FDK Twicell division, FDK manufactures high performance Ni-MH cells using state of the art Ni-MH technology.

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Together, FDK and ARTS Energy are active members in the development of the Ni-MH technology in all type of Energy Storage Systems.

ARTS Energy is able to supply Ni-MH systems using its own products or FDK cells, whichever is the best performance choice for the customer.

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