Partner Grolleau:

Since 1950, GROLLEAU works fine sheet metal in order to manufacture urban cabinets.

Recognised for its know-how and its professionalism, the GROLLEAU company works on the development of new electric and telecommunications networks and had acquired a good expertise on the energy storage.

Supplier of well-known players in energy and telecom’s fields, GROLLEAU is also very active in the railway and naval industries.

Since 2012, GROLLEAU proposes a range of electric vehicle (EV or PHEV) charging stations which are manufactured in France, under the GROOVE brand.

GROLLEAU is also part of Active’Invest, founded by Gilles Roland, a French industrial group focused on 3 energy markets : the valorisation (SUN’ACTIV), the protection (GROLLEAU) and the storage (ARTS Energy)

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In order to preserve your energy, ARTS ENERGY and GROLLEAU partnered to create an autonomous communication spot fully  customisable.

SUNPLUG is the ideal solution to recharge any electronic device (smartphones, readers, tablets, cameras…).

This autonomous product is a perfect communication media (temporary event, show, sea side, city spot, high-school…).


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