Panasonic Historical

Panasonic is large Japanese group (approximatively 300,000 employees), specialised in high quality products designed for high end consumer applications or high technological industrial applications.

Panasonic’s history started with his founder: Konosuke Mastsushita, who started the Matsushita Electric company in 1918.

The Panasonic name was adopted in 2008.

Panasonic : Leader on the Lithium ion technology

ARTS Energy is working in close collaboration with the division Automotive & Industrial Systems Company, Panasonic Corporation (PAIS), considered as one of the largest and the most innovative Li-ion cells manufacturer on the market.

Panasonic Li-ion cells have a very high electrochemical performance covering a wide range of applications (energy storage, power, lifetime) with a very practical integration and easy upgrade thanks to the use of small cylindrical sizes with standard dimensions.

To know more about Panasonic:

In addition, ARTS Energy is promoting the Nickel technology and has also access to the nickel cells from Panasonic, for the manufacture of specific battery packs.

ARTS Energy is strategic pack maker on the lithium-ion technology since July 2013 and has access to the full range of the Lithium-ion cells, for the design, the industrialisation and the production of lithium-ion battery packs.

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