The Inventor of the Lithium-ion technology

History: Sony Corporation is a large Japanese company based in Tokyo, created in 1946, the sales revenues are above 6,000 billion Yen (around 40 billion of euro)

Sony invented several High-tech products which revolutionised our environment: the radio transistor, the video tape, the Walkman, the 3.5 inch floppy disk…

Aside all these products, Sony has a very significant activity in the world of energy through its Sony Energy devices division.

Sony: Very high quality Lithium ion cells

Sony is among the four largest worldwide manufacturers of cylindrical Lithium-ion cells and offers a technology in line with the high quality energy storage solutions manufactured by ARTS Energy.

Especially, the Sony cylindrical Lithium-ion cells are very well adapted for a good compromise power/autonomy, and the Lithium Phosphate Olivine is probably one of the best lithium-ion technology in cycling.

To know more:

ARTS Energy has access to a wide range of Sony cells which are the heart of the some Lithium ion applications designed and produced in Nersac.

Sony invented and produced Lithium-ion cells for laptops since 1991.

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