ARTS Energy : Also offers Chargers !

Our chargers

Our customers are sometimes looking for complete battery and charger sets. This has several advantages :

  • optimal performance through charger/battery appropriateness
  • a single contact person and supplier for a comprehensive solution

ARTS Energy chargers are designed to provide optimal performance as well as high reliability and to meet safety requirements.

Several types of chargers are available depending on the technology :

  • Ni-MH chargers
  • Standard Li-ion chargers
  • Lithium phosphate chargers
  • Power supplies for the standard Ni-MH unit batteries




The ARTS Energy chargers have LED indicator lights and several charging modes. We can also customise the cords and connectors according to your needs.

As an option we can provide IP67-approved chargers and others approved according to medical standards.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information !

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