Long-life Lithium-ion Cells

Long life Lithium ion cells

For applications requiring a long life in cycling, even sometimes at rather high temperature, ARTS Energy proposes a large range of Lithium ion (including LifePo4), from 1Ah till 3Ah.

These cells are very robust and have an exceptional life time. They are mainly used in back up and solar applications for their long life time.

ARTS Energy is not a Lithium-ion cell distributor as these products should only be used by professional and recognised packmakers . These cells are fully available in ARTS Energy battery packs.

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You will find below a description of the cells we can assemble in battery packs in our factory in Nersac (Angoulême).

G : with sleeve

N : without sleeve

Nominal voltage (V) Ah min. capacity Ah typ. capacity Charging voltage (V) Max. diameter (mm) Max. height (mm)
SONY US26650 FTC1 V2 3,2 2,85 3,00 3,60 G26.45 G65.6
PANASONIC UR18650U 3,6 1,10 1,10 4 N18,1 N64,8
Sony US18650FTC1 V2 3,2 1,10 1,10 3,60 G18.35 G65.1

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