Careers and job offers at ARTS Energy

Careers and job offers at ARTS Energy

ARTS Energy is an international high-tech company and, as a major player in energy storage, it has extensive industrial expertise.

ARTS Energy offers a stimulating work environment and an enriching career with opportunities that ensure the fulfilment of its employees. Our employees are at the heart of our technical and industrial performance and they ensure the company’s success.

Develop your career at ARTS Energy in providing responses to our different challenges !

An international career

With more than 250 customers around the world and 80% export sales, ARTS Energy is a producer of energy storage solutions that knows no borders.

Implementation of our technical and commercial know-how internationally creates opportunities for regular exchanges with many countries and paves the way to discovering new cultures and territories.

A human size enterprise that facilitates constant development.

ARTS Energy is a medium size French company with 270 employees; this factor encourages dialogue between our colleagues, ensures dynamic sharing and builds team spirit. This characteristic is fundamental in the success of our energy storage projects: Our employees mobilise by combining their complementary expertise and talent in designing custom technical solutions and in producing single cell and batteries pack based on unmatched quality and reactivity. The long lengths of service of our employees bear witness to their commitment to ARTS Energy.

ARTS Energy’s strong involvement and motivation in your career

ARTS Energy favours skills development in the energy sector through its significant commitment to training and it offers real advancement opportunities.

Career opportunities arise regularly, allowing promotions or job changes at every level; this ensures your advancement in terms of skills within ARTS Energy. We encourage and reward commitment, effort and surpassing oneself; collective benefit is at the heart of our priorities.

Our pay and employee benefits policy compares with those of industrial groups, and allows us to recognise and encourage your performance at each stage of your career.

A company committed to and responsible for your future

ARTS Energy is involved in multiple areas and programmes such as:

  • Training young people via numerous exchanges within the employment area, welcoming internees and apprentices, opening the company to schools
  • Loyalty to our customers and different partners
  • Partnering or sponsoring of local events or sports clubs.

ARTS Energy is also responsible in your daily work through:

  • Its development of employees’ skill, respecting legality and individual rights, and upholding male/female job equality
  • Its sustained policy in relation to hygiene, health, safety and its concern for environmental protection.

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