ARTS Energy is committed to protecting its employees and the environment

ARTS Energy is committed to long-term respect through its environmental management strategy

The ARTS Energy production site at Nersac (near Angoulême) is ISO 14001: 2004-certified and therefore places the environment at the heart of its management strategy. Respect for the environment is one of the main areas of our corporate strategy

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The Nersac production site is a classified environmental protection facility and is hence subject to continuous monitoring, enabling optimum management of our emissions to control our impact on the environment.

Our emissions are processed by a wastewater treatment unit, which closely implements the objectives of our ISO 14001 certification. This allows us to guarantee local residents a minimum environmental impact.

Furthermore, a full fire-fighting facility safeguards the energy storage solution production site.

ARTS Energy studies the potential environmental impact of all its rechargeable and non-rechargeable battery products at each stage of their life cycle to enhance continuously its environmental strategy.


Our teams design rechargeable batteries that curtail the environmental footprint and impact of our customers’ final applications by favouring their lifespan, quality materials and a design that facilitates recycling. ARTS Energy offers its customers recycling facilities for their spent products.

Our choice of raw materials is also governed by this policy of excellence and environmental respect. We therefore favour suppliers that are ISO 14001-certified or comply with current environmental and regulatory requirements (ROHS, REACH, etc.).

ARTS Energy is also committed to a policy of optimising its energy consumption, thereby limiting its indirect environmental impact.

From their design and production through their different applications to their collection and final recycling, ARTS Energy rechargeable, non-rechargeable batteries and energy storage systems offer a suitable solution for a cleaner world.

A company committed to respecting corporate social responsibility and employee safety

ARTS Energy continuously adapts its production tool to protect the health and safety of its personnel. This includes encasing machines (ensuring compliance with machinery standards), a dust extraction system at certain component assembly workstations and availability of specific protective equipment for employees to continuously improve working conditions.

Potential workstation pollutants are monitored and eliminated by filtering. Moreover, our employees benefit from regular health surveillance.

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