Strong values that underpin our commitment to better energy use

Values of excellence: technical and industrial

ARTS Energy is a major European player in the design and production of energy storage solutions. From design to assembly of rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, our teams have acquired cutting edge know-how in Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion technologies. ARTS Energy is present on multiple markets (safety lighting, medical equipment, professional electronics and independent solar applications).

Technical and industrial excellence is intrinsically linked to our employees, and the design and manufacturing processes behind our rechargeable energy solutions.

Our employees use all their experience and expertise to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and distributers in order to supply, as quickly and faithfully as possible, quality batteries suited to their specific needs.

Our commitments and values: quality, safety and sustainable development for each energy storage solution.

Our constant concern for quality applies as much to understanding our customers’ needs as to our search for efficiency and design process optimisation in our products.

The expertise and commitment of each employee depends on his or her in-depth knowledge of rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, and of processes that ensure a high level of quality for a responsible energy future.

Our prevention and quality strategy involving both safety and the environment is a proactive policy aimed at preventing and avoiding all potential risks subject to our constant concern for progress and continuous improvement.

This expertise in energy storage solutions sets us apart through our quality and sense of service.

Human factor: the key to excellence

Our conceptual and detailed designers of better energy storage for tomorrow are in synergy, ensuring a certain dynamic for ARTS Energy. Our employees prove their dedication to progress and skills development; their keen sense of innovation and service complements their warm welcome.

These values and commitments are fundamental to all our teams’ involvement and to successfully fulfilling the projects carried out by ARTS Energy.

Agility and proactivity dedicated to your medical, solar and industrial applications

ARTS Energy is a French battery manufacturer of medium size, a firm that has been able to develop its reactivity and adaptability in order to establish a real partnership with its customers and offer quality of service and a close accompaniment in its customers’ applications.

Performance, efficiency and speed are our daily concerns in responding to the operational and ambitious objectives of the international market and in providing innovative tailored solutions.


ARTS Energy offers a wide range of products including more than 40 types of rechargeable batteries of different formats and technologies, and more than 2,000 standard and custom product references (lithium-ion, nickel metal hydride and nickel cadmium batteries).

The flexibility of our industrial tool, the multidisciplinary skills of our production staff and our worldwide distribution network allow us to meet your requirements for your systems applications.

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