Our battery design office accompanies you in developing innovative energy storage solutions

The battery design office is staffed by engineers and technicians experienced in the design and manufacturing of single components, simple and complex batteries implementing Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadmium), Ni-MH (Nickel Metal-Hydride) and Li-ion (Lithium ion) technologies to bring you a custom independent energy storage system.

Our battery design office accompanies you throughout the life cycle of your rechargeable battery.

Our battery design office’s primary mission is to understand your energy storage need and analyse it from every angle. If necessary, it will be validated with the Marketing department and dealt with as a Product Specification Request (PSR), which defines the functional specification of your technological requirements.

The battery design office then advises on the choice of technology to adopt and recommends methods for integrating the required energy storage solutions. The battery design office then designs the product using tools implementing 3D (PTC® Creo Element Direct®) and electronics development via the Electronics Design Office.

Rechargeable battery development is performed based on the expertise and know-how of our Research and Development department, and the recommendations of our electrochemists or component manufacturing partners.

The battery design office and R&D engineers take into account all the mechanical and electronic constraints of the different batteries as well as their operating environment (temperature, impacts, vibrations, protection against water spillage, electromagnetic compatibility) and their area of application (solar, medical, military, aeronautics, ELU, mobility, etc.). The most suitable materials, components and solutions are selected to integrate your normative requirements and to suit your system applications (e.g. UL batteries).

Our design office teams work together to optimise battery cost, reliability and performance characteristics. They also contribute to developing factory tooling to achieve production quality and repeatability.

Multiple other skills are also implemented, such as plastics design and transformation (parts design, cooperative design with suppliers and customers), ultrasound welding (design of joint surfaces and necessary fittings).

User safety and product performance are priorities.

The battery design office checks and validates technical proposals

The battery design office works in close cooperation with:

  • The Prototype department (ARTS Direct Service) to validate battery feasibility and dimensions and satisfy our customer. ARTS Energy has 3D printing resources that ensure our reactivity, in particular when building models
  • The Electrical Laboratory, validates product performance characteristics.
  • External partners for specific design studies (thermal modelling, vibrations, tests).

The battery design office accompanies and guarantees Ni-cd, Ni-MH and Li-Ion product start-ups (staff training, technical documentation, finalisation) and implements numerous tools such as project management software: Kaizen, 5S, Lean, PDCA, Product FMECA/Process/Safety as well as specific qualification processes to successfully complete your project and ensure continuous progress.

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