A chemical testing laboratory for high-performance durable products

Chemical testing laboratory

The ARTS Energy Research and Development team operates a “chemical testing laboratory” for conducting all the expert analyses necessary to its R&D activities (chemical, electrochemical and mechanical analyses). This asset enables the R&D team to conduct tests on different chemical components associated with manufacturing ARTS Energy’s nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries.

The chemical testing laboratory is made up of separate areas for the different types of requirement and staffed by multidisciplinary teams.

Mechanical analysis testing to provide daily innovations

The purpose of the testing laboratory is to characterise mechanical components, quantify manufacturing processes and ensure expert assessment of various elements. It implements different measuring systems:

  • Metrology
  • Optical microscopy
  • Mechanical characterisation of components
  • Tests in saline mist to validate the behaviours of our mechanical parts in severe environments
  • Safety test bench: Validation, under overload, of the external housing of rechargeable batteries (casing and cover)
  • Apparatus for short-circuiting rechargeable batteries in compliance with ATEX NF EN 60079-0/A11 standard using a resistance of less than 3 mOhm.

Chemical composition and electrochemical performance analyses

The chemical testing laboratory also allows us to analyse electrode constituent components (active material in nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries), separators and electrolytes. Processes implemented in our laboratory include:

  • Titration: analysis of electrode composition (measurements of oxidised metals)
  • pHmetry: electrolyte analysis
  • Atomic adsorption: analysis of compositions (nickel, zinc, cobalt, cadmium)
  • Certain specific analyses are conducted by partner testing laboratories, in particular with BASF.

The chemical testing laboratory equipment also allows us to conduct experiments in open cells to characterise electrode electrochemical operation. We also possess electrochemical analysis equipment ensuring:

  • Voltamperometry: Measurement of current variation with voltage variation – potential current curve
  • Chronoamperometry: measurement of current variation at fixed voltage
  • Impedancemetry: measurement of impedance Z, real part Re(Z) and imaginary part Im(Z) based on frequency.

This high-tech expertise recognised by our customers legitimises the chemical testing laboratory’s expertise in component quality, and in solution reliability and robustness.

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