Our Cells Development Team

Cells Development Team

ARTS Energy chemistry and electrochemistry team expertise develops and improves performance of Nickel-Cadmium and Nickel-Metal hydride cells produced at the Nersac site. The electrochemical design of electrode is carried out mainly internally. We also work closely with BASF and suppliers of raw materials (nickel hydroxide, separator, alloys ….) to improve the performance of our nickel batteries. Research is still an important part of our R & D through partnerships. The objectives are:

  • increase the range of operating temperature of our batteries,
  • improve the life duration.

Team Missions

The design team is responsible for defining the parameters of the tests (choice of electrode composition, weight, thickness …), assembling the cells (spiralling prototype or industrial welding connections, electrolyte filling and sealing the cell) and monitoring electrical performance. We make electrochemical analysis and electrical characterisation of the cells. This data can guide the choice of technology to ensure the best compromise of performance (electrical), quality and cost.




Process : the development of a new battery is divided into four main phases


  1. Phase “research”: from needs analysis, a preliminary study phase is initiated to define the feasibility and risks related to the new project. If necessary, some elements are assembled to confirm the chosen technical design.
  2. Phase prototype: different technical solutions are tested and validated on a limited number of items.
  3. Phase pre-production: validation of the industrial feasibility. Several pre-series are made to check the settings and adjust industrial machines behaviour of products in collaboration with the industrialisation service.
  4. Industrial validation phase: during which we check the quality of the batteries and reliability of our processes.

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