ARTS Energy innovates in Research and Development

Innovation lives in ARTS Energy’s heart

ARTS Energy dedicates 4% of its annual turnover to Research & Development. Innovation is everywhere at ARTS Energy: in developing our energy storage products and services, in launching new products (custom batteries) and, above all, in our culture and development strategy. The performance of our solutions and technologies must continually progress to meet our customers’ ever more demanding requirements and needs.

This R&D-based innovation strategy is one of ARTS Energy’s cornerstones and is reflected by a spirit of openness, a continuous watch on technology and a constant challenging of ourselves. This requirement for R&D helps us to thrust our rechargeable battery technology and our mastery of custom rechargeable battery manufacturing to the industry’s cutting edge.

ARTS Energy places innovation at the heart of its Research and Development to anticipate energy storage needs for demanding applications.

ARTS Energy pursues its R&D activities in electrochemistry and energy storage

Demanding R&D in electrochemistry:

In Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) and Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) technologies, our research and development is conducted not only in-house, but also in the form of a close partnership with BASF. For example, we work on raw materials:

  • Cathode (AB5, A2B7-type hydridable alloys) and
  • Anode (high-temperature hydroxides)
  • Separators

Research is performed by our team of “Rechargeable Cells Development” experts, which continuously raises the requirement in terms of electrochemistry.

An R&D that innovates and optimises energy storage

ARTS Energy implements energy storage technologies and systems of both Nickel- and Lithium-ion-based electrochemistries. Our electrical laboratory tests and validates these innovations before integrating them into our product development. Our experts are constantly looking for innovative solutions to optimise the management systems of our products.

ARTS Energy: two Design Offices and a Prototypes Department:

The Development part is run by ARTS Energy’s two design offices, namely Batteries and Electronics, which are complemented by the Prototypes department:

  • The Batteries Design Office is responsible for designing the technical offer on behalf of the customer: feasibility, estimating, component and material search, behaviour studies, etc.
  • The Electronics Design Office designs electrical management of battery charging and discharging, and of battery communication based on its research and testing of the electronic circuit board, of most suitable other components and of Lithium-ion protection circuits.
  • The Prototypes Department builds the product most suited to the customer’s need based on a contract specification and technical specifications in order to submit this prototype to tests or deliver it to the customer for its own field testing.


Single Cells and battery packs are tried and tested in our in-house chemical and electrical testing laboratories.

These in-house testing laboratories are equipped to conduct all the electrical and thermal tests required to qualify battery cells and systems.

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