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We are committed to always improve our designs to offer the most secure products. Our goal is to provide our customers with innovative solutions, cost optimized and above all in line with the expected level of safety.

The thermal runaway

Lithium technology is particularly sensitive, and battery packs are increasingly energetic and powerful. When a cell goes into thermal runaway (triggered for example by an internal short circuit), it releases a high energy: significant heating (up to 800 ° C), gas release, sparks, fire …

This energy, if it is not sufficiently managed in the battery pack design, will spread to adjacent cells (heat, liquid, current) and cause a thermal runaway. This runaway is leading significant damages (fire starting in warehouses, inside homes, on people).

A new test equipment

So we developed a test equipment to short-circuit a cell and see how it behaves and how it propagates on a battery pack.
Thus we have a good vision of the behavior of this phenomena depending on the cell. We have been able to define design rules according to the pack configurations and cells used, and thus increase the reliability of our products in order to perfectly meet your needs.
We can internally validate designs and specific configurations, perform cell selection tests according to environment needs and requested security levels, and test materials to contain the induced effects.

Lets work together !

During your product development, we can support you on this theme and offer various services (cell testing, existing design criticism, customized design, risk assessment, …).

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