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In recent years, the defence and aeronautical sectors have been experiencing increased competitiveness. To meet these challenges, the players are looking for agile partners who can quickly respond to their need for efficient and robust iterative innovations.
In civil aviation, for instance, new directions are being taken to improve the “passenger experience”, with more and more technological aircraft cabins, and fast time to market.
The development of sensors and data analysis paves the way for effective predictive maintenance to increase equipment availability.
Technological and IT innovations from the automotive industry will gradually apply to these areas.

Why ARTS Energy?

Our company is set-up to meet this need for agility: medium size, well managed development, and production on one site favouring efficient communication and quick decision-making.
Our technical experts collaborate with customers as a partners in order to optimise products and processes.
We have test facilities for both performance and safety: thermal propagation, runaway and over charge.
We offer a more support-oriented service by taking care of the supply, production and traceability aspects for our customers who wish to remain owner of their design, and keep their own know-how.
We manage for our customers the mandatory certifications for these demanding fields: for example MIL 810, DO 160, D0347.
Finally, we manage obsolescence with our customers efficiently, thanks to our proactive technology surveys.

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Our solutions

We develop your customised products, from existing or new technological blocks.
We have a wide range of technologies, with safe sustainable solutions
• For extreme temperatures in Ni-MH
• With high energy densities in Li-ion.
• With more security in LiFePO4.
• For high power, in Li-ion, or Ni-MH from the automotive.
We have developed and qualified our own BMS, and we can also validate and use our customers’ one.

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  • Soldier operations support

    Portable equipment power



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