Battery packs for the Emergency Lighting Unit

The Emergency Lighting Unit, a highly regulated market

The Emergency Lighting Unit is, in the event of fire in a building, intended to facilitate the evacuation of people and to allow firefighters to work in better conditions.

As such, it is an application that is regulated through many standards and certifications: the useful life of emergency lighting systems must be greater than 4 years, and the lighting has to last more than 1 h (3 h in United Kingdom), the back-up batteries and applications that enable the lighting of these safety systems in the event of an incident must meet these standards.

Why choose ARTS Energy?

For the autonomous emergency lighting units (BAES) or centralized source light fixtures (LSC) whose useful life is linked to reliability, the use of high-quality, long-lasting batteries that can withstand extreme conditions, is essential. ARTS Energy brings all these factors to safety professionals through its ranges of rechargeable Nickel-based batteries meeting the emergency lighting unit market’s expectations.

As world leader for more than 30 years, our batteries are the benchmark in the field of emergency lighting.

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We are continuing our efforts to innovate by being the first to provide an Ni-MH battery offering a useful life of 10 years.

Batteries designed to ensure your safety

The strengths of ARTS Energy batteries for Emergency Lighting Units

ARTS Energy offers various ranges of batteries for each type of application.

For applications at 40°C, we offer a range with a useful life of 4 years using Ni-Cd technology (VNT range) or Ni-MH (VHT range) for more compact light fixtures.

For even more demanding applications at 55°C, ARTS Energy offers unique products, with a useful life of 4 years, in Ni-Cd technology (VNT U range) or Ni-MH (VHT U range).

Batteries made to withstand very high temperatures

Finally, to be associated with LED lighting sources, we are the first to offer a Ni-MH battery with a useful life of 10 years (MH ecolife range) meeting standards and applicable to both BAES and LSC.


ELU & Lithium

Discover our position and our lithium product offer for emergency lighting !

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