Our Li-ion and Ni-MH batteries for medical applications

Health: a demanding market, high-performance batteries

Medical devices evolve increasingly towards wireless, light and easy-to-handle equipment. The health and safety of patients require high-quality products, meeting high demands for performance, reliability and safety. Certifications, sometimes time consuming and costly, make the medical market a very demanding sector for which ARTS Energy has become well-established and offers batteries meeting the needs of hospitals, laboratories, researchers and health sector manufacturers.

Why choose ARTS Energy?

ARTS Energy relies on its experience and expertise in the manufacture of complex batteries and its knowledge of the medical market to support you.

We offer various technologies based on your needs and constraints: Ni-MH, Lithium Ion or Lithium Iron Phosphate.

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Our technical teams provide simple solutions or SMART batteries with integrated electronics to optimise the performance, transport and reliability of your medical products, and obtain the required certifications.

High-performance batteries to facilitate the use of medical equipment

Strengths of ARTS Energy batteries

ARTS Energy, attentive to your needs, designs, develops and assembles the best solution to use batteries in medical equipment. Our customers enjoy the following advantages:

  • Support in defining your need
  • Partners for innovative Lithium-ion technology solutions
  • Performance and cost-effectiveness based designs
  • Our own electronics designers
  • Our test laboratories
  • Our proven development processes
  • Knowledge of the applicable standards
  • Expertise in Electro-Magnetic Compatibilities (EMC)
  • A comprehensive solution with suitable charger.

Applications in the medical market

Our knowledge at your service


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  • Hospital bed


    Monitoring device


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