ARTS Energy batteries for the Professional Electronics (PEL) market

Power and sturdiness required for PEL batteries!

The professional electronics market brings together industrial equipment requiring an autonomous power supply for a maximum period of use without recharging the batteries.

For portable equipment applications such as measuring instruments or portable tools, their use by people generates handling, weight and autonomy constraints.

Why choose ARTS Energy?

ARTS Energy has vast experience in the design and manufacture of high-performance technical batteries. Our wide selection of technologies (Ni-MH, Lithium ion including Lithium iron phosphate), enable our technical teams to offer tailored, robust and proven solutions whose performance and reliability will meet your requirements.

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For so-called human-free applications excellent durability and reliability are essential for the batteries. This is the case for robots, backup applications for alarms or UPS devices.

Each requirement has a solution

Advantages of ARTS Energy solutions

  • Guidance in defining your needs
  • The choice of the most appropriate technology
  • Partners for innovative Lithium-ion technology solutions
  • Performance and cost-effectiveness based designs to meet your budgetary requirements
  • Quick recharge solutions
  • Light and powerful batteries for portable applications
  • High discharge powers
  • Control of the safety aspect
  • A comprehensive solution with suitable charger

PEL pack battery

Quality expertise for a tailor-made offer



Our video – Professional Electronics market


Discover applications

  • Autonomous wheel

    Electric pruning shear

    Telecom base

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