ARTS Energy batteries for the Professional Electronics market

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Power tool: "Combining power, autonomy and security"

Professional artisans, whatever their sector, are looking for mobile tools that are easy to handle, reliable and efficient.

We develop with you customized battery packs, adapted to your needs, for intensive use in difficult conditions, while preserving your safety.

We industrialize these solutions and manage their certifications allowing you to devote yourself fully to your application.

E-Motive Power: "Our energy for your mobility"

We support you in this growing market, for electric bikes, spinboards, autonomous wheels, scooters and electric karts.

We develop with you the best systems for your innovative applications:

- In NiMH with power solutions particularly appreciated on hybrid systems
- Lithium Ion for lighter solutions, while ensuring a high level of security and reliability.

Robotics: "your applications emancipate themselves"

Many projects are flourishing, from personal services to home delivery, for surveillance or industrial needs, with more and more autonomous and connected robots.

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, with high safety or environmental requirements, we have adapted solutions, from 3,6V and some Wh, up to 48V and several kWh.

In iterative development, or on complete specifications, we adapt to your needs (power, autonomy, size, environment) and advise you for an optimization of performances and costs.

Telecom & Back Up : « The most robust battery technology »

For those applications, ARTS Energy has developped the most robust technology.

This technology (Ni-MH, VHT) is becoming the standard for autonomous solar devices in Africa and in the Middle-East. It is now available for Telecom & Back Up applications, associated with solutions for the energy conversion.

Smart Grid : « Build the intelligence together»

The Smart Grids require a battery able to deliver thousands of cycles at different State Of Charge (SOC).

We will propose you the battery technology answering your need:

High power Ni-MH or Ni-MH for extreme climates.
Lithium Ion for light solutions, with a high level of security and reliability.

Small professional device : « reliability & robustness »

Your innovative application is requiring a complex battery.

We will support you for developing it together, and make it simple to be used.

As a multi-battery technology expert, we will propose you the relevant battery technology to satisfy your need.


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