BFP customer case - The magic pen tattoo remover


BFP electronics is a company with a staff of fifteen located in Lozère. They design and manufacture medical devices. The core business of the company is medical and aesthetics-based dermatology, known under the brand name Anti-Aging Medical Systems.

BFP has revolutionised tattoo removal with a new non-laser technology: ‘magic pen’ tattoo remover.

As such, between 2014 and 2015, ARTS Energy designed and manufactured a lithium-ion battery to power the product for BFP.

Customer requirements, ARTS Energy Responses

Customer requirements ARTS Energy reponses
BATTERIE Standard Lithium-ion
TEMPERATURE Standard 0-45°C
DIMENSION Standard Cylindrical
ADVANTAGE Standard Optimal cost
FORMAT Standard AA

The product :

The magic pen removes a tattoo using natural products and without leaving any visible mark.

The technique uses little dots, spaced 0.5 mm apart on the entire surface of the tattoo to remove the pigments. It is the technique used to make a tattoo in reverse.

To manufacture this product a standard battery had to be designed that would be light enough to allow users to have full freedom of movement when using the magic pen.

ARTS Energy naturally favoured the technology of Li-ion AA batteries to meet BFP’s needs.


The closeness and working relationship established between the managers of the two companies, as well as ARTS Energy’s attentiveness and availability won BFP over.

“ARTS Energy met our expectations with a product tailored to our needs in terms of size and performance.

We are entirely satisfied with the ARTS Energy Li-ion batteries and we have kept ARTS Energy as our benchmark supplier for Lithium ion batteries.”

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