Carmanah customer case - Marine buoys


Carmanah is a company specialized in the design of sturdy lighting solutions which are largely powered by solar energy.

Carmanah was the first company to introduce a solar-powered street lamp (2008) and is now one of the major players in small solar energy systems for professional applications.

ARTS Energy accompanied Carmanah in 2012 to develop its communication system using the battery’s settings.

Customer requirements, ARTS Energy Responses

Customer requirements ARTS Energy reponses
TEMPERATURE A battery capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. -40 to 85°C
DIMENSION The smallest and the best VHT AA Cell
ROBUSTNESS Better than lead-acid Better than lead acid in almost all cases
BATTERY LIFE Long life with a low DOD Very long life
ENERGY STORAGE No problem of energy storage at low charge The VHT cell meets this need.


We chose ARTS Energy for the new design of our marine buoy M550. This buoy previously used a lead-acid battery.

We needed a battery able to withstand extreme temperatures. Ni-MH technology was the solution chosen to replace lead-acid.

ARTS provided us with detailed documentation on their nickel metal hydride batteries as well as appropriate advice for solar charging of Ni-MH batteries.


“ARTS Energy produces quality batteries and provides post-design follow-up which is much appreciated.

ARTS Energy’s Ni-MH Technology has enabled us to improve the performance of our marine buoy at very low temperatures.”

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