Ciner Power customer case - The portable power solution

Cine Power

Cine Power is a company based in the United Kingdom that offers an extensive range of advanced, rugged and reliable rechargeable battery systems.

They have been manufacturing for major players of the professional broadcast and film industries for over 40 years.

Their specialty lies in the production of battery packs for any equipment, from cameras to lighting equipment, that requires portable power. Cine Power is a leading player in the field of movie production, providing crews with a portable power system they can rely on, even in the most demanding locations.

They chose ARTS Energy’s Ni-MH Battery cells a year ago, after testing various cells. The Nickel Hydride XP range ably met all of their requirements. All of their batteries are constructed with ARTS Energy battery cells.

Customer requirements, ARTS Energy Responses

Customer requirements ARTS Energy reponses
Temperature Wide temperature range required as units can be used anywhere from the Arctic circle to the Sahara desert Ni-MH batteries have a wide operating temperature
Duration Packs are often used in remote locations and so need to have a long life High capacity F cells are used to maximise both energy density and run time. Intelligent charging ensures maximum capacity always available
Durability Portable battery packs get a lot of abuse due to manual handling Ni-MH batteries are 100% tested including vibration
Reliability Units are used in the field and are often totally discharged Ni-MH Batteries can be 100% discharged without damage. They also have an excellent cycling rating reducing the need for cell replacements
Transportation Camera crews often take the Portable battery packs on passenger planes Ni-MH have no transportation issues and are environmentally safe


Cine Power’s fast charge system is among the most renowned of the industry. Reliability is key to provide a constant stream of power to equipment constantly on the move, and going through drastic temperature changes.

Cine Power turned to ARTS Energy for the quality of battery cells they are able to provide, meeting their stringent requirements.

ARTS Energy’s XP range was able to suit their applications to the highest standards, making sure the quality prerequisites were met.


It is the quality of the technology provided by ARTS Energy that decided Cine Power to decide on their range of battery cells. Since starting working together Cine Power’s general manager, Diane Nyiri, states ARTS Energy has been providing them with high standards continually and punctuality.

“After testing various battery cells we found ARTS Energy met our performance and reliability needs. They have been an extremely helpful partner to deal with.”

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