ECM customer case - The portable ultrasound scanner


Echo Control Medical is designing, manufacturing and distributing ultrasound imaging systems for medical and veterinary applications for more than 30 years, for French and international markets.

Located in Angoulême, ECM is bringing together various talents to build up a highly skilled team. Physicians, electronic engineers, embedded software specialists, and medical imaging experts are working together in order to develop products that perfectly fit the market demands.


Customer requirements, ARTS Energy Responses

Customer requirements ARTS Energy reponses
Technical High density Li-ion rechargeable battery Cells from famous and reliable supplier
Quality Secured and reliable product A specific product design with SMBus and an adapted power
Compatibility Need of compatibility with existing systems Validation of some systems to adjust parameters
Service A technical contact very reactive A project manager to follow the project evolution


Their new ExaPad product is a high-end, versatile, portable ultrasound scanner. Featuring a 15’’ high resolution touch screen, an intuitive streamlined interface, a unique image quality, a battery autonomy exceeding 2 hours, together with a light-weight and exceptional easy-handling, the new Exapad is a high-end portable ultrasound scanner that fulfills all demands of the anesthesiologists and veterinaries of today and tomorrow.

The high density rechargeable battery gives more than 2 hours autonomy. With SMBus communication, the application and the charger have optimised performances.

COSTUMER FEEDBACK : Sixte de Fraguier

” We are very satisfied of our partnership with ARTS Energy.

The geographical proximity and the possibility to have a technical cooperation permit to develop a battery that can be adapted to several products with high mechanical constraints. “

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