Sectronic customer case - Tablet of customer satisfaction


Sectronic is a company of 60 employees, located at Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine in “Indre et Loire” (France). They are designer and manufacturer of electronic systems and circuit boards, in different markets including communication, safety, digital, energy, etc..
With more than 40 years of experience in this sector, they are recognised as a high quality, flexible and reactive company. Sectronic has many trusted loyal customers across their markets.

The Qwesteo tablet for customer satisfaction delivers feedback of customers directly and live. This tablet offers an interactive questionnaire on 9”7 EINK screen. It’s a wireless product, 100% autonomous sustainably powered by ARTS Energy batteries, the product run time is around 3 months!

Customer requirements, ARTS Energy Responses

Customer requirements ARTS Energy reponses
Run time 3 months Battery 13Ah composed of cells with high energetic density
Safety Safe battery Protection circuit designed by our experts according to cells manufacturer requirements
Certifications CEI 62133 for safety and UL 2054 to access Canada and USA markets Management of certifications (request, follow up, deliverables, audit)

The product :


ARTS Energy supplies a 47Wh Li-ion Battery , compact and safe, and managed.all certifications for Sectronic, so the they was able to focus fully on its application!


Customer feedbacks : Cedric Desrier


Cedric Desrier is the CEO of Sectronic.

“Despite some cheaper solutions, we really want to continue and consolidate our partnership with ARTS Energy. We have a very good relation with them. The reactivity, the product quality, the good expertise level of employees and the professionalism of this company impresses us! That’s why we expect to consult ARTS Energy for specific project development.”

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