Thomas & Betts client case - Batteries for Emergency Lighting Units

Thomas & Betts

Thomas & Betts is one of the worldwide leader of the Emergency Lighting Units (ELU) for which the level of performance is regulated and mandatory.

These products are meant to help public to escape safely and to support the work of the firemen, in case of a fire in a building.

Thomas & Betts has been among the first player in emergency lighting to replace fluorescent lamps by LED, and also to use Ni-MH batteries, in order to reduce the use of energy.

They chose to work with ARTS Energy in order to be supported during this technical evolution.

Customer requirements, ARTS Energy Responses

Customer requirements ARTS Energy reponses
Temperature + 40°C and fire resistant Very safe battery able to resist to very high temperature
Size The smallest possible Battery pack of small size, customised shape allowing specific customer product design
Capacity 0.6Ah to 1.1Ah Ni-Cd capacity from 0.6 to 0.8Ah. Ni-MH capacity 1.1Ah
Lifetime 5 years minimum, ideally 8 years 10 years autonomy
Technology Ni-Cd or Ni-MH, depending of pro/cons Association LED with batteries Ni-Cd and Ni-MH

The product :

ARTS Energy has been supporting the evolution to LED by developping small size rechargeable cells together with an increase lifetime (10 years instead of 4 years).

The association LED + batteries from ARTS Energy allow to design autonomous emergency lighting systems.

Thomas & Betts customers are looking for products with a modern and clean design allowing a good integration in the buildings.

The evolution toward LED lighting, which uses less energy to power the system, allows to reduce the size of the batteries.

LED technology with these smaller batteries made possible the development of more compact systems making them more discreet in their environment.


Project Manager in charge of the project:

Mustapha Jellouli France R&D Manager for Thomas & Betts

 “We trust in ARTS Energy to support this product development. Their expertise in R&D has been very useful for our innovation need.

We are asking them very often to get advices and we wanted to work with a French manufacturer who has large return of experience and legitimacy on this ELU market.

The reactivity of ARTS Energy is also much appreciated and has been a key point in our strategic decision making.”

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