Marine Instruments customer case - Satellite buoys

Marine Instruments

Marine Instruments, recognized as a leading manufacturer of satellite buoys for tuna fishing and established in more than 25 countries, is a Spanish company that designs and manufactures electronic equipment for the fishing industry.

ARTS Energy helped us to develop batteries for our satellite buoys that locate and monitor schools of fish.

Customer requirements, ARTS Energy Responses

Customer requirements ARTS Energy reponses
TEMPERATURE +70°C max Arts Energy VHT technology works perfectly at + 70°C and more
DIMENSION Customized shape VHT cylindrical cells offers many possibilities of shape for the battery pack
ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT No heavy metals or toxic products VHT technology is one of the most "environmental friendly" battery technology

The product :

The battery that powers marine buoys is of Ni-MH technology and VHT type. It is made to withstand temperatures of 70 ° C. It contains neither heavy metals nor toxic products, which is very important because the buoy (therefore the battery) ends its life at the bottom of the ocean.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK : Beatriz Trincado

“We started the partnership with ARTS Energy in 2011 (e.g. Saft Batteries) at the international shipbuilding trade show.

The excellent quality of the services motivated us to choose ARTS Energy to develop this product.

“We chose ARTS because we offer our customers high quality and reliable products”

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