Our R&D partner on the Ni-MH technology

ARTS Energy inherited the worldwide recognised SAFT Ni-MH technology, when it was formed in 2013 that is used in their VH and VHT cells range.

Ni-MH technology is known in the world for consumer applications (replacement of primary alkaline products), but has also a highly respectable position by being number one technology in the transportation market, thanks to the hybrid cars from Toyota, worldwide leader in the HEV market with more than 8 million hybrids produced so far since 1997.

This technology is recommended for applications requiring long life, with large operational temperature range and has important advantages thanks to safety and very high recyclability.

In order to offer to their customers the best Ni-MH technology, since March 2015, ARTS Energy became an official licensee by BASF, and works closely with the BASF Ovonic Battery Materials division.

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BASF is the leader in the chemical industry and is the main player for the fundamental research on this technology.

Thanks to their R&D activities based close to Detroit (US) and together with ARTS Energy R&D team, we design, manufacture, qualify the best Ni-MH cells in order to propose to our customers complete energy storage solutions, using this green technology.

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