Get a real-time visibility

Generate configurable SMS alerts to monitor battery life

2 possible options: 4G with 2G fallback, low-speed LTE

500MB of data, up to 10 years

Understand and define the customer needs

The IoT Platform supports you in defining the necessary needs to help design your application. During test phase and prototyping, this tool evaluates your batteries conditions of use and allows ARTS Energy experts to determine with great accuracy if we have met your expectations.

For a pro-active collaboration

During the life of the battery, we can set alarms to follow the correct functioning of products and alert when there is a defect. This proactive detection ensures service continuity. The interface is provided to the customer to have open collaboration that ensures your projects longevity.

A simple and efficient analysis

The batteries intelligence allows the user to search simply and efficiently the root cause of any potential issue. Once the diagnostic is done, ARTS Energy can tailor actions and take complementary preventive measures.​ This new tool for enhanced performance ensures you have a very fast and accurate response.

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