Li-ion battery packs tailored to specific requests

Tailored Li-ion battery packs


Our tailored Li-ion battery packs respond to your needs.

Does your application require a lightweight battery with high energy density, low auto-discharge; significant power peaks and a long life; or even a very unusual shape, or waterproof case? We certainly have a solution among our tailor-made Li-ion batteries!

We achieve, with cells from our Japanese partners Panasonic and Sony, the expected performance and an excellent level of quality. ARTS Energy has a wide range of cells at high energy density, high power or very long service life. We use cells from various technologies based on cobalt, NMC or iron phosphate.



A follow-up and advice

Our system architecture experts will help you define your needs and advise you in terms of integration, thus guaranteeing excellent reliability and safety of lithium-ion batteries. Our designs incorporate all the protection devices required and recommended by our partners for the use of Lithium-ion batteries under the right conditions. We help you to optimise the capacity, service life and performance of the battery to improve your application (power, charge, temperatures, etc.). We can mutually validate your charger or your application.

ARTS Energy is very attentive to technological developments and allows us to offer the most innovative products on the market: “SMART” batteries, innovative charging solutions, etc.

With you at each step of the way

From the analysis of your need through to the end of life of your product, we will be there each step of the way:

  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Validation
  • Pre-production
  • Qualification
  • Official approvals
  • Small, medium or large-volume manufacturing
  • Follow-up on obsolescence
  • End-of-life management

If you have a project, we can examine several possibilities for you !

Nominal voltage (V) Functions Options Certifications
LCO - NMC - NCA - LFP 51V Balancing - Memory - Gauge - Smart Battery Chargers UN38,3 - CEI62133 - UL2054 - On demand

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