Ni-MH cells - VHP range

VHP range:

VHP cells of the High Power Ni-MH range are the most powerful Ni-MH D cells in the World. Its exceptional robustness gives the opportunity to operate in the toughest industrial conditions.

The 33600 VHP 6 has been designed to offer a very fast charge and discharge with very long life duration. With an operating temperature range from -30°C to +65°C, this technology, used in Toyota HEV, is a superb solution for all Automatic Guided Vehicle, Peak shaving applications and Hybrid Systems.

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Features & Benefits of VHP cells :

  • Very high power
  • Very high life duration
  • Wide temperature range

Technical specification of VHP cells :

  • Nominal voltage : 1.2V
  • Maintenance free
Element format Minimum capacity (mAh) Typical capacity (mAh) Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Weight (grams) Datasheet
33600 VHP 6 D 5800 6000 60.2 32.5 160

Use of this battery must strictly be in accordance with ARTS Energy technical recommendations, to obtain the performances announced by ARTS Energy.

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