Ni-MH cells – VHT range

VHT range

ARTS Energy VHT cells in Nickel metal hydride are designed for applications demanding exceptional life duration in extreme climate conditions

The VHT series can be charged until a current of C/3, and can be charged and discharged in a wide temperatures range ( -40°C to +70°C). It is used in back up or solar outdoor applications.

VHT cells offer an exceptional behaviour in cycling (3000 full cycles), offering a long service life to the professional applications using the battery every day.

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Features & Benefits of VHT cells :

  • Excellent cycling performance
  • Wide range of temperature
  • Excellent storage capability

Technical specification of VHT cells :

  • Nominal voltage : 1.2V
  • Capacity range : 1.1 Ah à 11 Ah (regime C/5)
  • Maintenance free
Element format Minimum capacity (mAh) Typical capacity (mAh) Height (mm) Diameter (mm) Weight (grams) Datasheet Certifications
VHT F F 10000 11000 89,2 32,2 215
VHT D D 6000 6450 58,6 32,2 135
VHT 7/5 Cs 7/5 Cs 4000 4200 60 22 74
VHT Cs Cs 2000 2200 42,7 22 48
VHT AA AA 1100 1150 49,3 14 24
VHT AA 800 AA 800 840 49,3 14 22

The way of using the battery must strictly be in accordance with ARTS Energy technical recommendations, to obtain the performances announced by ARTS Energy.

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