Why Choose Li-ion ?

Li-ion batteries have become essential in energy storage. Their high energy densities give them well-known advantages in terms of weight and volume. Other qualities such as long cycle life and low self-discharge allows for use in  many applications. Thanks to our Li-Ion partners, Panasonic and Murata, we have access to a very wide range of batteries, as well as full technical support. Several Li-Ion technologies are available (LCO, NMC, NCA, LiFePO4), each with its specific qualities and advantages.

Regardless of the technology, precautions for use apply.

Weight and volume of your batteries can be significantly reduced.
Stringent transport regulations
Very low auto-discharge
High Power range

Custom design batteries

We achieve, with cells from our Japanese partners Panasonic and Sony, the expected performance and an excellent level of quality.

L-ion energy range

when autonomy is the main criteria of choice

Wide range of cells offering a good optimum between charging current (up to C) and capacity (from 0.5Ah to 3.5Ah), for an optimised cost.

The cells said to be «High Energy» have a very high energy density, and are up to 3.5Ah today, will allow charging current until 1 to 2C (approx 30 min).

L-ion power range

when low impedance combined with the highest reliability is the main criteria of choice

These Lithium ion power cells can be discharged at high current (up to 10C, and even 30C in some cases). A large range of capacity is available, from 1Ah till 3Ah, in different Lithium-ion electrochemistry including Lithium iron phosphate.