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Robust & no maintenance

Ni-Cd batteries are mainly used for applications with high power in a fairly wide range of temperatures, including cold.

However, this Nickel Cadmium technology has a “memory effect” that is sometimes inconvenient for applications. The toxicity contained in cadmium and its average useful life tend to see it gradually disappear for environmental reasons.

Power or High resistance to extreme temperature

This Nickel Metal-hydride technology has a higher energy density than nickel cadmium and in particular a very favourable environmental balance. High power performance or a long useful life in wide ranges of temperature afford Ni-MH technology high potential.

However, To obtain the best performance, charges require more specific management. Self-discharge of Ni-MH batteries, although progressing, is not as good as that of lithium-ion.

Light & Powerful

Lithium-ion is energy intensive which means the weight and volume of your batteries can be significantly reduced. In addition the self-discharge is very low on these products.

However, this Lithium-ion technology requires a safety circuit because it can be dangerous. In addition it is subject to stringent regulations when transporting batteries.

High cycling & Competitive

The cycle life of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries is its strength. It also allows discharging at high power levels.

However, LiFePO4 batteries are less energy intensive than Li-ion batteries. This technology is subject to the same transport regulations.

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