Long life duration battery packs for a compact design

Autonomous and robust solutions for a rapid and safe evacuation.

The Emergency Lighting Unit is, in the event of fire in a building, intended to facilitate the evacuation of people and to allow firefighters to work in better conditions.

As such, it is an application that is regulated through many standards and certifications: the useful life of emergency lighting systems must be greater than 4 years, and the lighting has to last more than 1 h (3 h in United Kingdom), the back-up batteries and applications that enable the lighting of these safety systems in the event of an incident must meet these standards.


  • Miniaturised batteries
  • Cheapest solution
  • PCM


  • Maintenance free
  • Long life duration
  • No risk of pollution


  • Robust batteries
  • Compliance to western standards


Mustapha Jellouli France R&D Manager


“We trust in ARTS Energy to support this product development. Their expertise in R&D has been very useful for our innovation need. We are asking them very often to get advices and we wanted to work with a French manufacturer who has large return of experience and legitimacy on this ELU market. The reactivity of ARTS Energy is also much appreciated and has been a key point in our strategic decision making.”

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