Ni-MH batteries produced by ARTS Energy have amply demonstrated their reliability for over 40 years

High performance Ni-MH batteries

Why choose Ni-MH batteries?

Ni-MH batteries have a proven track record, and VHT technology offers exceptional robustness over a very wide temperature range

Several types of technology are available, each with their own specific features and advantages. Technicians in the electronics design office have developed charge management systems for Ni-MH batteries which ensure long autonomy while reducing their temperature rise to optimise their life and performance, temperature being one of the main parameters in the ageing of Ni-MH batteries.

These Ni-MH battery management systems are particularly well suited to air transport, as the technology is non-flammable and resistant to extreme temperatures.


Our range of Ni-MH batteries

Standard or made-to-measure batteries

To find the right battery for your needs, you need to take a number of parameters into account, such as the technology and the right range of accumulators, the minimum and maximum acceptable voltages, its capacity and its dimensions.
We can advise you on the battery that best suits your needs.

VH Range

Batteries ARTS Energy Ni-MH VH

  • High power
  • Excellent cycling performance
  • Excellent storage capacity

VH AA 1700
VH Cs 3200 XL
VH D 9500 XP
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VHP Range

Batteries ARTS Energy Ni-MH VHP

  • Very high power (up to 25C)
  • Very long service life
  • Wide temperature range

33600 VHP6
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VHT Range

Batteries ARTS Energy Ni-MH VHT

  • Excellent cycling performance
  • Wide temperature range
  • Excellent storage capacity

VHT 7/5 Cs U
VHT AAL U 1100
VHT FL 13000
VHT F 11500
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Our standard products

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Markets for Ni-MH batteries