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45 years of experience in the battery market

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The ambition of ARTS Energy since January 2020 is to be recognized as a major player in the battery market

Our multi-technology offer, the connectivity of our products and our tailor-made offer are the very heart of our new strategy. All of these elements, coupled with the digital transformation of our manufacturing plant, will undoubtedly help meet the innovative needs of our customers. We are proud to use our know-how to support the evolution of their applications.




  • 45 Years of experience in the battery market
  • 150 Employees on our French production site
  • 53 M€ sales in 2023
  • 7 Present on 7 continents


Our production site

Nersac – France

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R&D ARTS Energy R&D

The Research and Development (R&D) department plays an essential role in the development of our products, from batteries for emergency lighting to those for electric boats.

Whether in technological innovation, optimising performance or reducing costs, our R&D department invests on a daily basis to
enable our customers to become ever more competitive.

ARTS Energy and ARTS Energy Mobility invest in R&D to develop batteries that are more environmentally friendly, both in terms of the materials used and their long-term use.

Production lines

Our production lines are semi-automated, allowing us to optimise the manufacture of our accumulators and batteries.The digitisation of our production workshops, implemented over the last few years, has resulted in real time savings in the
production of our accumulators and batteries, and increased efficiency at every stage of the manufacturing process.At our two production sites, we have set up a wide range of equipment – assembly lines, mechanical robots, quality control systems, etc – which continues to be developed to optimise the day-to-day work of our teams.


Lignes de production ARTS Energy
Showroom ARTS Energy Showroom

Our Showroom showcases customer applications integrating ARTS Energy and ARTS Energy Mobility batteries.

You’ll see real products such as a bicycle, a scooter, an autonomous solar-powered streetlamp, roller shutters and even a three-wheeler!

This gives our visitors an idea of the diversity of our markets and makes all our employees aware of what our products are actually used for. Because our customers have high expectations, we have a duty to excel.


  • Li-ion : Li-ion batteries have become essential in energy storage
  • LiFePO4 : for applications requiring long cycling life, sometimes at high temperatures
  • Ni-MH : Ni-MH batteries produced by ARTS Energy have largely demonstrated their effectiveness for more than 20 years
  • Ni-Cd : ARTS Energy Ni-Cd batteries are robust and easy to use
  • Multi-tech : choose the technology that best meets your needs



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