Your connected batteries

Monitor the life of your batteries in real time

Our sense of innovation, coupled with the inventiveness of our customers, will undoubtedly contribute to their future


  • 500 MB of international data, for up to 10 years
  • Generate alerts to monitor battery life
  • Triangular geolocation
Qu'est-ce que l'IoT What is IoT?

IoT (Internet of Things) means connecting physical objects to the Internet in order to collect as much data as possible about them.

It is an ideal solution for monitoring, controlling and collecting data, which can then be used to develop advanced analyses. At ARTS Energy, we connect our batteries in order to evaluate the conditions of use of standard batteries and the prototypes we develop for our customers.

IoT therefore enables us to respond fully to the specific needs of our customers’ applications, as well as continually developing and optimising the batteries we manufacture.

Communicating with your batteries

Thanks to IoT, we can set up alerts to monitor the correct operation of your products and be informed in the event of a battery fault.

This rapid, early detection ensures continuity of service and subsequently gains in efficiency.
The interface is also communicated to the customer, so that we can work together to ensure the continuity of all our projects.

Communiquer avec vos batteries ARTS Energy
IoT ARTS Energy : Diagnostic simple, rapide et efficace Simple, fast and effective diagnostics

The intelligence of our batteries enables us to trace the root cause of a problem simply and effectively, should it occur.

Once the diagnosis has been made, we quickly put in place all the necessary corrective actions.

This new performance-enhancing tool guarantees you a fast, effective response.


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