Choose the technology that best meets your needs

High performance Multi-tech batteries

How do you choose the best technology?

Research, development and support

Each battery technology has its own specific characteristics.
Depending on the development of a product or market, the most appropriate technology may differ..

Our departments will be able to advise you on the technology best suited to your products and projects.

Thanks to our multi-technology approach, we can support our customers and future customers in their activities according to their current and future needs.

li-ion arts energy 2024 Li-ion: Light and powerful

Lithium-ion is highly energetic, enabling you to significantly reduce the weight and volume of your batteries. What’s more, self- discharge is very low on these products.

This Li-ion technology requires a protection circuit to ensure that it can be used safely, and it is subject to strict regulations for the transport of batteries, which we can help you with.



LiFePO4: Competitive and long-life

The life cycle of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries is their strong point. They can also discharge at high currents, offering good performance.

This LiFePO4 technology is subject to strict regulations governing the transport of batteries, which we can help you to comply with.



Présentation batteries LifePO4 ARTS Energy
Batteries Ni-MH ARTS Energy Ni-MH: Powerful and resistant to extreme temperatures

This Nickel Metal Hydride technology has a higher energy density than Nickel Cadmium and, above all, a very favourable
environmental balance.

High-current performance and long life over a wide temperature range make Ni-MH an attractive technology.



Ni-Cd: Robust and economical

Ni-Cd batteries are mainly used for applications with high currents over a fairly wide temperature range, particularly when cold.

However, this Nickel Cadmium technology has a “memory effect” that can sometimes be troublesome for applications, an average lifespan and the toxicity of the cadmium it contains is tending to make it disappear little by little for environmental reasons.



Batteries Ni-Cd fabriquées par ARTS Energy