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A passionate team of over 200 men and women

Every day, all our teams pool their work force, their expertise and their investment to manufacture and develop, in our production sites in France, our high performance batteries


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Développement et opportunités ARTS Energy Development and opportunities

The ARTS Energy Group encourages the development of skills in the energy sector through a significant commitment to training and offers real opportunities for progression.

Career opportunities are available on a regular basis, allowing you to progress to a new position or change jobs at any level, enabling you to develop your skills. We encourage and reward commitment, effort and personal achievement, and the collective interest is at the heart of our priorities.

Our remuneration and benefits policy, comparable to that of industrial groups, recognises and encourages your performance at every stage of your career.

Open, local and innovative

ARTS Energy and ARTS Energy Mobility are medium-sized French companies, with a combined workforce of around 230. This encourages exchanges between employees, stimulates sharing and builds team spirit.

This company policy is fundamental to the development and success of our projects: employees mobilise and pool their complementary expertise and talent from the design of customised technical solutions to product production, ensuring efficiency and quality.

The ARTS Energy group is also involved in training young people through numerous exchanges in the employment area, as well as taking on trainees and apprentices from the local area.

Ouverture, local et innovation ARTS Energy
Responsabilite sociale et environnementale ARTS Energy Social and environmental responsibility

We constantly adapt our industrial facilities to protect the health and safety of our employees.

This includes the enclosure of machines (bringing them up to safety standards), a dust extraction system at certain assembly
workstations and the provision of specific protective equipment for employees, in order to permanently improve working conditions.

Potential pollutants at workstations are monitored and filtered out. Our employees are also regularly monitored.


Our job offers