Li-ion batteries produced by ARTS Energy have amply demonstrated their reliability for over 40 years

High performance Li-ion batteries

Why choose Li-ion batteries?

Li-ion batteries have become essential for energy storage

The high energy density of Li-ion batteries gives them well-known advantages in terms of weight and volume.
Other advantages, such as long life cycle and low self-discharge, mean they can be adapted to a wide range of applications.
We offer a very wide range of Li-ion products, as well as full technical support.


Our range of Li-ion batteries

Standard or customized batteries

To find the right battery for your needs, you need to take a number of parameters into account, such as the technology and the right range of accumulators, the minimum and maximum acceptable voltages, its capacity and its dimensions.
We can advise you on the battery that best suits your needs.

Li-ion Power Range

Gamme Li-ion Power ARTS Energy

These Lithium-ion power batteries are designed to be discharged at high currents (up to 10C, or even 30C).

They are mainly used in professional tooling applications or to power robots.

A wide range of capacities is available, from 1Ah to 3Ah, in Li-ion or Lithium iron phosphate technology. In this category, we only offer cylindrical cells for their low impedance and excellent reliability.

We are not distributors of rechargeable batteries, only of battery packs.

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Li-ion Energy Range

Gamme d’accumulateurs Li-ion Energy

If autonomy is your priority!

ARTS Energy has access to “standard” batteries offering a compromise between discharge current (up to C) and capacity (from 0.5Ah to 3.5Ah), at optimum cost.

These cells are mainly used in professional electronics applications (PEL). High Energy” cells have the highest energy densities
available today (up to 3.5Ah), and can discharge at currents of up to 1C or even 2C.

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Li-ion battery markets