High resistance to extreme temperatures and long life cycle

High performance batteries for the solar market

Intelligent energy use for extreme outdoor conditions

Autonomous solar applications are arriving in force, driven by economic, technical and environmental factors

Whether making street lighting independent of the electricity grid or allowing a device to operate in an isolated area thanks to a battery recharged by the sun’s rays, the combination of a solar panel and an ARTS Energy battery is a winning bet that has already proved its worth.

We offer you our experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of technical batteries using Ni-MH technology.

Our VHT (Very High Temperature) range will provide you with robustness and an exceptional lifespan in geographical areas subject to high temperatures.

Our battery technologies for solar

Our customers talk about us

“We chose ARTS Energy as our industrial partner because of its expertise and involvement in R&D, which was invaluable to us. Their support enabled us to fully satisfy our customer’s request to increase the lifespan, compatibility and resistance of the materials used in the solar streetlights, while keeping to a price scale appropriate for developing countries such as Nigeria in Africa. We remain committed to ongoing collaboration and R&D with ARTS Energy.”


Thomas Samuel
Founder of Sunna design