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Customer satisfaction, Innovation and Performance

Understanding customer needs to develop our business, testing our products and collaborating to innovate, developing our industrial facilities to guarantee performance


Comprendre le besoin client pour se développer Understanding customer needs in order to grow

The company’s policy is based on customer satisfaction: our strategy, our internal processes and our actions stem from the requirements of the electric battery market, in correlation with our customers’ needs in terms of performance and innovation.

Digitalization and connectivity have become key issues for our businesses and for our customers. The ARTS Energy Group integrates digital technology into its development and anticipates trends in the battery market. The ARTS Energy Group has always been able to support its customers and meet their specific needs by keeping pace with technological developments, and the same applies to digital technology.

By now offering connected batteries that can monitor their life cycles and their development in real time, we can evolve and
optimise our standard products and respond to requests for specific solutions.



IoT and connected batteries

Connected and communicating objects are now a major part of our daily lives, integrated into a wide variety of applications.

Our batteries are also connected to provide us with a wide range of information, particularly about how they work, how they react in certain situations, how they vary over their lifetime, and so on.

As a result, our technical teams are able to collect a wealth of data that enables us to understand and analyse how our batteries work, so that we can develop them further to improve efficiency and performance.



IoT et batteries connectées ARTS Energy
Tester nos produits et collaborer pour innover ARTS Energy Testing our products and working together to innovate

Our innovation strategy is one of our key elements. This means keeping an open mind and constantly monitoring technological developments, so that we can challenge our manufacturing methods.

This R&D drive helps us to advance our cell and battery technology, providing customised support from design to manufacture. We place innovation at the heart of our research and development to anticipate future needs and adapt our products to demanding applications.

Our electric batteries and energy storage systems are inspected at every stage of the manufacturing process. Total traceability is organised for components, controls are carried on production line and products at our manufacturing plants to guarantee transparency at every level.



Developing our industrial tools to guarantee performance

In order to achieve a high level of excellence, our production tools are equipped with a wide range of automatic and/or manual equipment, enabling us to be extremely flexible in terms of the design of battery shapes (blocks, sticks, specials) and of order volumes.

While electric welding is the core business of our battery manufacturing workshop, we also use bonding, ultrasonic welding, marking and assembly processes.

Having produced complex batteries incorporating electronics for many years, the sector now has the test and programming benches needed to implement specific batteries.


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Développer notre outil industriel pour garantir la performance ARTS Energy
Service clients international ARTS Energy International customer service

Our international customer service is at your disposal to respond to you as quickly as possible, a team of dedicated sales coordinators for each geographic sector, they are your privileged contacts.

They support you and advise you before, during and after your commercial transactions, with the sole objective of responding to your requests and providing you with complete satisfaction.

A professional sales team, present in our offices in Paris, to meet your specific needs by offering you the best solution for your application development projects or for new projects.

Perfectly mastering the technical nature of the ARTS Energy group’s products and services, they respond quickly to find you the most suitable solution and the best possible offer.


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