Highly resistant to extreme conditions with long life duration

Intelligent energy management solution for extreme conditions outdoor applications.

Autonomous solar energy applications are booming, driven by economic, technical and environmental factors. Whether to make public lighting independent from the mains or to enable a unit to operate in a remote area by using a battery recharged by the sun’s rays, the combination of a solar panel and a ARTS Energy battery is a winning bet which has already proven its worth.

ARTS Energy offers its experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of technical batteries and different technologies (Ni-MH, Li-ion). Its Ni-MH technology called VHT (Very High Temperature) will offer you sturdiness and exceptional durability in hot countries.

In temperate countries, the choice of Li-ion batteries may be appropriate if overall dimensions is a major constraint for your application and the need to withstand high temperatures less so.

Highly resistant and compliant solutions for outdoor applications.

ARTS Energy is a specialist of this market. Particularly for outdoor applications in all extreme conditions. We can propose you a technology who is working from -20°C to +80°C!


  • Long life duration up to 10 years
  • Customized and flat design
  • Extreme climate conditions


  • Long life, up to 8 years in temperate environments (from 0°C to +60°C).
  • Compact products
  • Customized design


Thomas SAMUEL, founder

Sunna Design

"We decided to work with ARTS Energy as an industrial partner for its know-how and his commitment in R&D, which are key points for us. Their support allowed us to satisfy the need of our customer : increase the lifetime, the compatibility and the resistance of the materials used for the SSL, while being at an appropriate price for emerging countries, like Nigeria in Africa. We are engaged in a long term R&D development with ARTS Energy”

Did you know ?

10 years, 3 days, 3 min 10
Acquisition of E4V, Designer and Manufacturer of Batteries for Mobility Applications
100% recyclable Ni-MH batteries from ARTS Energy on solar buoys used for eco-responsible fishing.
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