Power Tools

Mission :Design and sale of electronic tools for professionals

Type of application: electronic pruner

Localization: distributes its tools across more than 45 countries around the world

Technology : Li-ion

INFACO is a family company with authentic values, located in the south-west of France.
In 1984 they invented the electric shear that revolutionized the winery sector. Since this success, “satisfy the customer ” is their motto and they focus on improving their products for their professional customers in Viticulture, Olive growing, Arboriculture and Green Spaces.
With a hundred employees, 8 generations of products, the company now exports its products to more than 40 countries.

INFACO and ARTS Energy have been working together for many years, first on Nickel technologies and now in lithium ion.




Power High power needed for big size branches Robust power cells, from our partner MURATA , allow repeated high current discharge.
Autonomy The product must be the lightest possible, with a long autonomy The power cell selected is really well adapted with its energy density of 211Wh/Kg
Safety As the product is man held, it must be safe Lithium technology is very sensitive so our experts have designed high reliable electronic and mechanical architectures.
Robustness Batteries must be robust and during inter season maintenance, connector must be replaceable. Design has been made to optimise the assembly labor and also to allow connector replacement without damaging electronical protection.
Life duration INFACO product must last long ARTS Energy has set up a strict development process, to ensure the best compromise between need and solution
Certifications Sales are worldwide, and a lot of certifications are required ARTS Energy manages all certification directly with laboratories.


The “electrocoupe” F3015 is an electric shear designed for pruning professionals.
It is a high quality ergonomic tool, reliable, widely approved by all its users around the world.
It consists of selected materials, such as plastics, aluminum parts, engine or battery.

The ARTS Energy lithium battery of 117Wh in 48V offers them an exceptional power, and agility. Thanks to its very light weight, it is really appreciated by the users.



Olivier Fraysse is the Technical Manager of the Infaco company. 

“Arts Energy is a historic partner for Infaco, we naturally turned to them for the development of this new battery.
It is Arts Energy team’s professionalism and listening that allow us to innovate continuously.”