Mission: Leader in solar street lighting and energy management for connected stand-alone applications.

Type of application: Solar panel for public lighting

Location: 7 continents

Technology : Ni-MH

Sunna designs and manufactures very innovative solar lighting systems, using a smart energy management. The company was created in 2010 and has already a lot of successes. Its target is to provide electricity to populations with no access to energy.

Specifically the focus is on the African market with a dedicated offer in terms of cost and reliability thanks to the use of high robust batteries that can last 10 years.

ARTS Energy has been working with Sunna for the last 5 years to optimize the management of its solar batteries and to develop an electrochemistry dedicated for this type of application.


TEMPERATURE From 20 to 70°C, desert conditions Ni-MH batteries highly resistant to heat and humidity
DIMENSION Reduced size, should fit in a suitcase Ni-MH technology is much more energy dense and performing much better in harsh environment than lead acid based batteries. In addition, the use of high capacity cylindrical cells (F size) allowed to reduce the size further.
CHARGE Use of solar panel to charge the system Electronic PCB SunnaCore which optimize the battery management, and the energy management of the system. This PCB offers a ligthing with no “black out” and advanced communication interface
ROBUSTNESS Replace lead acid batteries which have limited lifetime in high temperature conditions Specific Ni-MH batteries developed for this application; together with a smart energy management system.
NO MAINTENANCE Very long life product Batteries are designed and tested to offer a 10 years autonomy without any maintenance


Sunna Design covers a wide range of applications using solar energy : products allowing access to electricity, up to equipment for today and tomorrow smart cities.

In the case introduced here, the UPS Solar Street Light are meant to resist to extreme climatic conditions : the hot&wet season and the dry season when temperature can be higher than 40°C.

The final product is fitted in a suitcase and is installed without the need of connection, at the top of mast, in few minutes to allow 10 years of public quality lighting. The Ni-MH batteries designed and manufactured by ARTS Energy allow to resist to high temperature while providing a long life time.



Thomas SAMUEL, founder of Sunna Design, committed to provide electricity to rural area in developing countries :

“We decided to work with ARTS Energy as an industrial partner for its know-how and his commitment in R&D, which are key points for us.

Their support allowed us to satisfy the need of our customer : increase the lifetime, the compatibility and the resistance of the materials used for the SSL, while being at an appropriate price for emerging countries, like Nigeria in Africa. We are engaged in a long term R&D development with ARTS Energy”